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 Advertising products or services is prohibited

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PostSubject: Advertising products or services is prohibited   Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:24 pm

Advertising products or services is not allowed in this forum. You may include a web site link in your signature (see Profile), or if you post a short summary as well, link to a page on your site that answers a specific question, but any posts advertising commercial products or services may be removed at our discretion, and repeated advertisements may result in removal from the forum and banishment of your email address and IP.

Linking to free resources on non-commercial sites is both approved and encouraged, however, as is supplying opinions on curriculum you've used. Just don't post blurbs for your own products, services, or web site. If linking, make sure that the page you link to answers a specific question, and that you provide as much information is possible in the body of your post - don't just create a new thread to link to your site, or link to your homepage and leave people to find the info they need.

Please help keep the forum enjoyable and useful for all!
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Advertising products or services is prohibited
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